Posted by: mikenicholsblog | February 8, 2010

a routine interruption

It’s hard to believe, but we have already flipped a page on the 2010 calendar. Depending upon your particular season of life, you either enjoyed January, and bemoaned its quick passing; or celebrated that passing as one less month until the start of spring.  And as resolute as you may have been at the onset of the new year, you may have already slid back into routines developed over many years. Our routines tend to be burdened by too much activity, and not enough time that we value as meaningful. Christ followers know that we are to make a difference.  But the torrid pace of life, and long developed routines, can easily outweigh eternal work. To be clear, eternal work is simply meeting the needs of others, motivated by a growing relationship with Christ. Moses gave us great words in Psalm 90:12 … Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. Gaining a heart of wisdom will create routine interruption, and a life that pleases God.

It is a given that we want to please God. Our struggle is often that we want to please Him based on our agenda (routine). No matter the length of your spiritual journey, stepping outside our comfort zone is threatening. But if we really want to live with wisdom, and gain His perspective in all things, comfort cannot be our target. Submitting our daily routine to His agenda may not produce comfort, but it will produce eternal results. Numbering our days this way will create a life of joy even in the midst of our daily struggles. Psalm 90:12 quoted from the Message gives a sense of what our lives can be … Oh! Teach us to live well! Teach us to live wisely and well! Great words, but are you willing to interrupt long-standing routines to let Christ reshape your agenda?

Could today (and tomorrow) be days of seeking His will in all you do? If so, realign your routine to His Word, times of intimate prayer, and purpose in how you approach each part of your day. He has plenty of opportunities for us to minister His grace, but often our long-established routines blind us to those opportunities. But before reshaping your agenda, ask yourself, “am I willing to submit and live with His routine for me”? Just yesterday I was challenged with this point, when a friend wanted to help someone with snow removal. I was in “my comfort zone”, and my friend pulled me out of it. His heart was on others and they were blessed because of the care. I am not sure the same care would have happened from me.

Resetting your spiritual routines doesn’t mean you will preach sermons, give large amounts of money, or carry your Bible to work. What it does mean is that you will begin to seek His daily agenda instead of your own. There are amazing opportunities to be used of God all around us. An easy way to evaluate how your year has started is to ask the question, “am I growing more in love with God and with people?”  Although we all have some work to do in this area, accept the challenge to reset your routine … right now, while we are still in the beginnings of this new month.

People in our world need the hope of Christ!  Realign your routines.  Be a conduit of His grace. That is living wisely and well!

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