Posted by: mikenicholsblog | January 31, 2010

no record of wrongs

If I could peel back the cover of your mind, or you could know exactly what my thoughts are, our faces would blush with embarrassment. Truth be told, there are times where our mental images say things like “you jerk”, or “you deserve what you are getting”. Appropriate decorum keeps us from letting the truth of our thoughts exit our lips. None of us is exempt from having thoughts that cause regret. Often these mental images are caused by the hurt others inflict upon us. It is easy to counsel forgiveness, but to forgive is often very difficult.

Whether we feel like forgiving or not, Scripture is plain about the responsibility of believers to forgive. A true discussion of our spiritual journeys would expose hurt from parents, spouses, co-workers, and even those we thought to be our closest friends. Sometimes the hurt runs deep and compounds over many years. Often the pain would seem to be lessened if we could just avoid being in contact with the ones who inflict the pain or irritation. But no matter the depth or persistence of hurt and pain, the Father’s direction will always be to forgive. When by a choice of the will, we release those who hurt us, we free our spirits to love and also invite God’s blessing.

Matthew 6:12/14-15
Forgive us our debts, as we
also have forgiven our debtors.

For if you forgive me when
they sin against you, your
heavenly Father will also
forgive you. But if you do not
forgive men their sins, your
Father will not forgive your sins.

Matthew 18:21-22
Then Peter came to Jesus and
asked, “Lord, how many times
shall I forgive my brother when
he sins against me? Up to seven
times?” Jesus answered, “I tell
you, not seven times, but
seventy times seven.”

Recently in listening to a CD from John Maxwell, he presented forgiveness in a great way. It went like this. “Forgive everyone, every time for every thing.” I agree intellectually, but my will struggles sometimes. But in knowing that the will of God for us is to forgive (let go), we also know that that the path of a joyful journey has to be one of releasing others (forgiving). Peter came to Jesus with the great human logic of seven times. Jesus took him to seventy times seven. Habitually forgiving will pattern First Corinthians 13:5: Love keeps no record of wrongs.

Forgiving does not deny reality, God knows our pain. He also knows that for us to walk in freedom, we must release others. You may also know that the one you forgive, could hurt you again. Don’t let that trouble you, because our Father will give grace to deal with the hurts. If you have accepted Christ, your model of forgiveness in all things is the way He responded to others. With love and forgiveness … always!


  1. Just a note to “thank you” for the challenge and the encouragement and help to accomplish the challenge. The devotionals are such a blessing in so many ways: mainly down to earth, practical, in the trenches truthes that one tends to overlook.

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