Posted by: mikenicholsblog | January 4, 2010

He is truly able

Viewing the world from the lens of Genesis has been interesting.  The book starts with the story of how it all started … “ in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”  And before too many chapters are complete, we see a world that seems far different, yet shares very similar struggles to those we find in 2010 A.D.  Today, we lament the corruption on Wall Street, the evils of terrorism, and a society who seems to have lost its moral compass.  Flash back to Genesis and you will find the same kind of core issues. Take a quick journey with me.

Adam and Eve had it made.  Their home was the Garden of Eden, and they were completely free to enjoy, and partake of any part of it … with one single colossal exception.  Satan tempted Eve.  And she ate of the fruit of the forbidden tree, and gave some to Adam.  The rest, as they say, is history!  On my current journey (and yours), there are temptations that have resulted in defeat.  And while Adam and Eve’s ushered sin into the world, the effects of our sin are no less devastating in our own lives.  God’s design was to give them a free will, just like He has given us.  But we are also blessed to know that God has given us His Word as a defense when the evil one attacks.  It worked for Christ, our Redeemer, and it will work for us.

Cain and Abel were the world’s first brothers, and unfortunately the enduring legacy of their relationship is one of anger and jealousy.  They both brought offerings to the Lord. God looked with favor on Abel’s offering, but not on Cain’s.  It is easy to surmise that Cain’s heart was not pure.  His anger led to murder.  21st century Christians struggle with those same emotions of anger and jealousy.  Things haven’t changed much.  Our human nature compares our offerings to those of others, even to those we love most.  And we often find gaps.  Never forget, that in Christ you are free from the penalty and power of sin.  Take those gaps, and the resulting wrong emotions, to the Father.  We may think we are Abel, but He is truly able.

By Genesis chapter 6, the world was a wicked place. But in the midst of it, was a man named Noah, who found favor in the eyes of the Lord. We are told that he walked with God.  And by faith, he built the ark.  As a child everyone learned the story of this man’s faith, and it’s great results.  God hasn’t called us to build an ark, but he has called us to live by that same faith. And when we do, he promised us that our results can move mountains (Matt 21:21).

So as we look at Genesis and the beginnings of mankind, and overlay that world onto that in which we live now, we find that history certainly does repeat itself. The issues of sin, temptation, anger and jealously that were ushered in because of the fall, are ours today.  But  the story, and our story, do not begin and end with that.  Along the way, we find a gracious and loving God, who gave us a free will, but more importantly, also gave His Son as our redeemer. By faith we accept His redemption, and by faith we can live like Noah.  Let that history repeat itself in your life, and the lives of generations to come.


  1. that is a great comparison — I am reading every day —–thanks for the encouragement!!

    you are the best !!

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