Posted by: mikenicholsblog | December 17, 2009

holding on?

It was a special day when my daughter learned to ride a bike by herself. Dad was great at holding her up and running alongside, but letting go was not so easy. Releasing her to ride by herself was a big step for me, because falling was an option. Learning to ride a bike seems like such a small issue now, because there have been far bigger release points along our journey. If you have children, your mind can easily go to a myriad of release points that have been difficult, maybe even gut wrenching, yet needed.  Our struggle is control, or the lack thereof. With my hands on the bike, she was not falling, but she needed the freedom to ride (or crash) on her own. Today’s thoughts are not about riding or our children, but about our willingness to release our grip on issues that we want to control.  My memories, and the one’s that may be rushing through your mind right now, give us a reflection point about our anywhere from discomfort, to outright unwillingness to release control of life to God. The freedom He has designed for is often wrestled away by our tight grip.

People in your life that you can’t control, a job problem that you can’t fix, bitterness and hurt that constantly hound you, fears that grip you, possessions that are hard to release, habits that you are dying to stop… I am sure you could complete this post with specific “bikes” you are controlling. Our faith teaches that we can give our burdens to the Father, and walk boldly in freedom. But if your faith is anything like mine, human frailties and my sin often leap ahead of my heartfelt intentions. Releasing our struggles back to the Father will need to be part of our journey experience on a daily basis. Without conscious releasing, there will be constant unneeded burdens. Look at what His Word tells us …

Psalm 119:45
I will walk about in freedom,
for I have sought out your precepts.

I Peter 5:7
Cast all your anxiety on him
because he cares for you.

John 8:44
Then you will know the truth
and truth will set you free.

My assumption is that everyone has a “bike” that they need to release. Your issue is not to free your child, but to free yourself. The counsel of God’s Word points directly to the source of truth and freedom. And He would not tell us to cast our burdens on Him if he wasn’t willing and able to take them.

Are you still holding onto something?  Do you need to stop running alongside?  Can you embrace the release, and see in your mind’s eye, the joy of the resulting ride?

In a matter of days, gifts will be given and received … some of them may even be bikes. I believe the Giver of all good gifts wants you to enjoy the amazing gift of freedom. He wants you to stop holding onto the bikes of fear, and possessions and hurts. He wants you to release them into His loving care. When the Father provides a burden lifted, you’ll have an incredible gift….better than even the most expensive bike!


  1. A good word! Thank you

  2. very nice — thanks

  3. I have so many bikes, Mike, that I will never be able to ride them all…Kari will be gone 10 years on 12-26 and it is like it was yesterday. I am still so sad and yes, bitter, and feel like I haven’t moved forward at all.

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