Posted by: mikenicholsblog | August 31, 2009

words that wound or heal

Proverbs 12:18
Reckless words pierce like a sword,
but the tongue of the wise brings healing.

When I think of something that would “pierce like a sword”, images of pain, blood and wounds flood my mind. I shudder to think that my words could have such a dreadful effect, but they can.  And of those who will read this post, I am certain many can remember a reckless word directed at them.  Even years ago … maybe back to childhood.

Truthfully, we have all landed on the “giving” side of the reckless word as well. Reckless words can come in the form of a curse word, gossip, harshness, or in a variety of other forms.  As believers in Jesus Christ, our challenge is to consistently speak healing words.  Observe the pattern …

Proverbs 16:24
Pleasant words are a honeycomb,
sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.

An anxious heart weighs a man down,
but a kind word cheers him up.

Psalm 19:14
May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart
be pleasing in your sight? O Lord, my Rock and Redeemer.

Proverbs 15:4
The tongue that brings healing is a tree of life,
but a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit.

Most of us interact daily with a variety of people.  Be it students, work associates, friends, or our family, the Father has a design for the way we respond to others.  Make no mistake, His goal is that we glorify Him.  And that definitely encompasses our words. The verses above clearly indicate that right words heal and cheer.  But so often our paradigm is how “I feel” and what “I want”, so we don’t reflect on the needs of others before speaking.  Healing words will come from the lips a man or woman who is other-centered.   Psalm 19:14 reflects the desire of David to have a mouth and heart that pleased the Lord.  If our heart is to please the Father, and we are willing to let his Word fill us, healing words will be at the core of our vocabulary.  We will seek out others to encourage, bless and honor.

It was stunning for me to find that the verb from which reckless was derived, is used in describing the hasty words that cost Moses his entrance into the land of Canaan.  Psalm 106:33 says, “for they rebelled against the Spirit of God, and rash words came from Moses’ lips”.  Talk about consequences!  Wisdom has consequences also …

words that heal and change lives!



  1. Kind words and actions will only make this world a better place and whats better is pleasing God.

    Peace in Christ

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